Sample/Draft Letter

How to introduce a Friend/Relative to the Pauling Therapy for Heart Disease,

We know how hard it is to explain all this to a sick friend or relative with heart disease, under the care of a doctor they trust and who probably saved their life (with bypass surgery). Perhaps a letter along these lines (below) will help? At least it gives you some ideas how to approach the problem. May we suggest such a letter combined with a care package containing of one of our Pauling-therapy products, my book, (and perhaps Dr. Levy's book STOP AMERICA'S #1 KILLER for the patient to give to their cardiologist.) i

Good luck!

Owen Fonorow

Note: The following is written for a father



I know that I probably sound nuts telling you that I can help with your heart problems. I know that modern medicine saved your life and probably has a lot to do with why you are still alive.

But I like having you around.

Researching on the Internet, I stumbled across some incredible information. A small company has been curing heart disease with high doses of two essential and nutrients. Linus Pauling invented the therapy around 1990, and there is a strong basis for why it works, e.g. good science, an unchallenged theory, and now more than 17 years experience of people trying it for themselves, (usually after all else fails for them). People report recovering in 10 days.

People who cannot walk across the room due to chest pain, are painting their homes in 30 days. (I know it is hard to believe.)

I have enclosed some basic information: The 92-year-old Pauling (on the enclosed DVD) explaining the theory, a book written by Owen Fonorow after he founded the Vitamin C Foundation, and found himself repeating this material on the phone to doctor after doctor who called, and a jar of the Foundation approved Cardio-C. It is one basic "Pauling-therapy" product. The book has some testimonials, but if you think you might consider starting the high vitamin C/lysine program, you might visit the web site and click on the testimonials tab/link! (Testimonials)

So listen to your doctors so long as they are helping, but can you promise me this? If your chest/heart pain becomes bad, and your doctors can't stop the pain, will you at least consider trying the Pauling therapy at that point? (The very first person who tried the basic product -- with intractable pain -- after doctors told him there was nothing more they could do, and suggested that he search the Internet -- reported later that his pain subsided in ten days! (He figured the pain would return and waited six month to tell the company. His chest pain only returned when he lowered the dosage below what Pauling recommended)

Time after time Owen and the Foundation/companies selling these products got the same report -- the chest pain goes away in about 10 days on the proper high dosage.

You can get both vitamin C and lysine as pills at any drug store. The product I have enclosed is a drink mix, making the high dosages that are necessary very easy to take without fillers. It also contains the amino acid proline, which is a very powerful plaque fighter. Pauling's theory is that the heart disease (atherosclerotic) plaques are nature's "plaster casts" for weak arteries -- a healing process -- so you want to strengthen your arteries before you take these "plaster casts" away . Always take vitamin C. Do not take high lysine (or proline) alone, without taking at least the recommended dosages of vitamin C!

Also, once you start the program . you have to be committed and stay on it. (As the book explains.)

By the way, Pauling was 92 years old on the video . and lived to be 94!

I love you Dad